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Maggý’s Photography
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Maggýs Photo Gallery
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My Dogs

I have three Icelandic Sheepdogs living with us, Hnúks Birta AKA Snotra, and Kersins Spurðann, both imported from Iceland, Snotra in 2004 and Spurðann in 2005. Nýlendu Spurðanella AKA Nella is an offspring of Snotra and Spurðann and was born in Ohio 2008.

Rocky and Adrienne our Boston Terriers were both born in Florida 2002, Rocky in Shalimar Fl and Adrienne in Navarre Fl

My Dogs

I am born and raised in Iceland and I try to go there every year to visit friends and family. I always take my camera with me to shoot some pictures throughout my trip.
Here are some of the many photographs I have taken through the years.


Dayton Vectren Air show at James M. Cox International Airport Dayton, Ohio

Dayton Air Show Gallery's My Icelandic Sheepdogs and Boston Terriers My Dogs

Few photos from our trip to the Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast Close Up

Few photos from our trip to the Ohio Caverns, located 4 miles east of the West Liberty on the Logan/Champaign county line.

Ohio Caverns

Fairs, Festivals and Events throughout Ohio

Photos from the Piqua heritage festival rodeo

Fairs and Festivals

Some of my favorite animal photos I have photographed through the years.

Animals Rodeo Miscellaneous

Photo Art/Manipulation